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I am offering my services in person and online to those who are drawn to me.

This session is bespoke to you & your soul needs. This can be in terms of Holistic Health, Life Purpose, relationships with yourself & others, decision making, prosperity, personal development, breaking negative patterns, or all of the above.

Using the gifts of Intuition,Massage, Reflexology, EFT, Human Design, Gene Keys & Aromatherapy to help you shift into a higher & happier version of yourself .

My intention is to empower you to be as authentically you as possible. To know your shadows & ultimately learn from them & alchemise them into gifts. To help you change your outdated patterns & evolve from them. To move out of victim consciousness for good & to shine from the inside out.

The Soul Session is 70 minutes & will require a conscious commitment, openness & trust on both our parts. You will need to provide your birth details including time & place.

Each client will receive an oil blend to match their soul needs in person or in the post.

This process involves deep work & it is ultimately your choice how committed you are willing to stay with it & thus the rewards you will gain. The greatest gift you can give yourself is time to reflect, contemplate & permission to move into a more heart centred place within.

I am here to support you on the journey & guide you.

I will give you my heart centred guidance & genuine honest truth as we journey with integrity & courage together.

If you feel this in your body & are being called to connect with me please listen & trust.

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