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"Hi Joanne, I just love it, it’s a beautiful mix of traditional Christmas smells with a subtle smell of a fresh Christmas tree too. It’s no way over powering which I find a lot this time of year with other products. I just love it, it’s a smell I will always associate with my first Christmas in my new home.🥰❤️"

"Joanne made me a roller ball for my anxiety due to now having to study online and everyday life during this pandemic and I have to say, I have struggled with my anxiety for as long as I can remember but even from the first use of the roller ball I have noticed a huge difference! I feel so much more calmer and can relax to complete my assignments. Thank you so much Joanne 🙌❤️"

"Hi joanne, im feeling alot better this week. My anxiety is a bit more settled and i feel like when i am anxious i am able to calm myself down easier and quicker. Still using the roll on oils i love them and the magnesium oil every night. Going to physio next Tuesday to get a proper consultation about my back and hips so i will let you know what the outcome of that is. Only have 6 days left of isolation so thats good too😄 hope you are all well xx"

"Joanne, thank you so much for making me a priority today and for thinking of me before you take a step away for the time being. It truly speaks volume about your kind nature and care you give to clients. You are a pillar and so informative in sharing your knowledge. Thank you!"

- Jackie

"Joannes treatment room feels like a sanctuary, a break from everything going on at the minute. Pregnancy has been a hormonal and emotional rollercoaster along with plenty of neck/back pain and Joanne managed to focus on both the physical & emotional problems during the treatment. The essential oils are also helping me feel back to myself, which I use every day. She really managed to provide a really relaxing, holistic treatment that fees so personalised to me! X"

"Hi Joanne. Hope all well with you. Just wanted to let you know that the oils that you made up for mam are great. She has got great pain relief and even her mobility is so much better. Well be ordering loads more. Thanks again. Keep safe."

- Leona

"I can't recommend the oils Joanne uses enough, after 2 days of use my symptoms had nearly disappeared thanks so much!"

- Aideen

"I purchased the body brush and brush oil from Joanne a few weeks ago now and I can say already I notice a difference! joanne advised me to get the hormonal brush oil as I was having a few skin problems and I noticed even after only a few weeks the stretch marks on my legs have visibly reduced! I have also noticed such a difference in the smoothness of my skin! Thank you Joanne! I would highly recommend and I will definitely be purchasing again!xx"

- Emma

"I have visited Joanne for massage and reflexology. Joanne has a beautiful presences and takes care of her clients. She spiritually connects with you and can get a sense if you are really okay. She is a wealth of knowledge in her field. Feelings that I have boxed up for a long time have been reopened and are being dealt with . This needed to be done. Yes the journey is daunting but the feeling is now being acknowledged and accepted. This is helping me in my daily life. We all really need to look after our mental and physical health. Going for a treatment is not a luxury it is a need, just like food.

I would like to thank Joanne for her wonderful advice and help, this is not just a job to Joanne. She is passionate about helping people to heal."

- Jackie

"Hi Joanne a wee update ! My nieces wee baby's skin is nearly clear...still scratching a small bit!!! Sleeping Great...doesn't even waken when he loses dummy!!! They are very impressed!!!! Thank you so much 🤗"

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