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What will it help you discover?

  • Your Energy Type, Strategy, Profile, Authority, Definition & your energy centres.

  • How to work with your natural energy instead of against it.

  • Your strategy & authority which can help you to make decisions that are most in line with who you are & which will lead you in the direction that is right for you.

  • How to best engage your energy authentically in the world.

  • How to use your inner guidance system.

  • How you are here to impact & influence.

  • Your innate gifts & skills.

  • Learned behaviours & beliefs you are here to leave behind.

  • What drives you forward in life.

  • How to improve your relationships


I will read your unique bodygraph , interpret it, decode & put into easy to understand format. I will then send you a voice recording of your reading to your email. It will be there for you to access when you need it. There will be a follow-up live 30 minute zoom session to connect & help answer any questions you may have. 

To book your Human Design reading you will need to 

2. Proceed to checkout & fill out the form (your date of birth, birth time, and birth place will be required). Please try to be as accurate as possible.

3. You will receive your recorded reading to your inbox within 14 days


4. You will then be given a 30 minute 1:1 online session. We will be in touch to arrange your follow-up. This is to discuss your reading & any questions you may have.

Human Design Recorded Reading & Follow Up - €123

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