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Soul Essentials was created & brought into being by me, Joanne Travers, & my many spiritual helpers. It has been a long & winding road to get to this point both professionally & personally. I am someone who has always had the gift of healing but am only now fully stepping into my power.


I have worked as a Massage Therapist , Reflexologist & Yoga teacher for many years. I now feel it is time to move beyond the physical body & deeper into the energy body & the soul.


Using my Intuition to guide me back to my authentic self has been transformative. After many years of seeking, searching & healing I can finally say I am home & intend to stay here for the rest of my time on earth. I have travelled the world & have spent a lot of time in Asia & it really resonates with me how they approach health & wellbeing in such a Holistic way. 


I wish to share my gifts & wisdom with you. Human Design, Meditation,Gene Keys  & Aromatherapy are tools that I use to aid the process.I Intend on making your alignment your priority thus allowing your life to flow with greater ease & less resistance.


Having overcome low self-worth, depression, body image issues, career misalignments, feelings of being lost, grief, post natal depression, I feel able to connect to people on many levels with my personal experiences & growth. I intend on giving people the guidance & tools to empower ,honour themselves as they move forward with courage & clarity.


I am very grounded & down to earth person who has used my life experiences to help me grow & evolve I feel divinely guided & have removed the “shoulds” from my life. I want to inspire you to know & be your authentic self. Some days I do yoga & meditate, other days I watch Netflix & eat chocolate. I am not a vegan, I love nature & I thoroughly enjoy a glass of wine. I am passionate about authenticity & Alignment. I want to encourage & support you in allowing yourself to be fully you NOW!

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